W.N.S.S Goes Live With It’s School Management System

By Aladdin Evo

The impact of the COVID-19 and the inevitability of the advancement of technology has dramatically turn the Administration and Management of the School to look at alternatives in the operations of School.

It is no doubt that the school is greatly affected because of its geographical location, however with the limited resources, there are a quite number of hard working staff who had tirelessly take the initiative to walk an extra mile and strive to achieve betterment for the beneficial of students, staff, parents and the education system as a whole.

According to the Project Manager, Mr. Donald Vahimae, the Project has gone through alot of challenges both internally and externally. “Despite the plight we have gone through both financially and the acceptance to migrate to the digital age, it is rewarding to get the first taste of what it is like to finally go online with an advanced School Management System,” said Mr. Vahimae.

The Financial Controller, Mr. Alban Housanau has expressed his satisfaction saying that although there have been costs incurred as expected, the system will assist alot to cut down costs in the school operations. “For instance, during our online registration, we have to not printed registration forms which would have taken much of our time and money. Not only that, but we are encouraging green environment, less or no paper, less or no cutting down of our trees,” said the delightful Mr. Housanau.

Basically, the system caters for Website, Registration & Admission, Staff Student & Parent Portal, Timetable, Homework & Assignments, Assessment & Grading, to name a few.

The system is designed and developed by a local company – Umi Solomons.

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