God save our Solomon Islands from shore to shore

Bless all our people and all our lands

With your protecting hands

Joy, peace, progress and prosperity

That men should brothers be, make nations see

Our Solomon Islands, our Solomon Islands

Our nation Solomon Islands

Stands for ever more.


School Prefects are to assist in the smooth running of the school community. They are selected because of the ability which they have shown as leaders. They have authority to give orders in certain circumstances and, as the Principal’s representatives; they must be obeyed by other pupils in the school.

This school prefects also have responsibility to make sure certain duties are carried out. They must also set a good example to the rest of the school. In return for their extra duties expected of them, school prefects have certain privileges. Prefects must be inducted and commissioned before taking on active roles.

Prefect’s Duties

  1. Prefects as student leaders should show good examples to students at all times
  2. Prefects must report all offences to the duty teachers.
  3. Prefects must ensure that tasks allocated to houses are properly carried out.
  4. Prefects must ensure that students are prompt/punctual to all school activities.
  5. Prefects must ensure that students are clean before entering the dining hall during meal times
  6. Prefects must ensure that dining meals finish on time for the next program.
  7. Prefects must supervise class preps/work sessions/sports.
  8. Prefects must honestly mark student’s rolls
  9. Prefects must have fort-nightly meetings with or without the Deputy Principal.
  10. All meetings must be minuted with a copy submitted to the Deputy Principal and the Principal.




  1. Consuming Alcohol, Producing homebrew (Kalewe/Kwaso/Cow manure/Angel’s trumpet etc) inside and outside of the school compound.
  2. Being Drunk, Drunk and disorderly inside and outside of the school compound.
  3. Possession/Purchasing/Taking any forms of illegal drugs. (Marujuana, Cocain, or any form etc)
  4. Sexual Offences – Kissing/Intimate Hugging/Sexual Intercourse/Touching or caressing each other inside and outside of the school compound.
  5. Boy and Girl found outside or in isolated areas of the school compounds. (Buildings, beach and plantations)
  6. Inappropriate behaviour between student(s) and or between students of the opposite sex or staff – intimate letter writing/email/texting.
  7. Sexual Harassments – Use of bad/foul language, Use of dirty sign language, touching another person’s private part without his/her consent.
  8. Possession of Soft or Hard copy of pornography, including taking nude photos and distribution of it via phone or internet.
  9. Entering the girls/boys dormitory or ablution block.
  10. Malicious damage to school or student’s properties
  11. Defacing school notices
  12. Stealing students/staff/school properties.
  13. Selling or exchanging of stolen goods or items for cash or drugs
  14. Selling of store goods in the dormitory/classroom
  15. Fighting or initiation of public violence.
  16. Threating the life of another student/staff or bringing the same threat from outside.
  17. Being ringleaders of unlawful strikes and related activities.
  18. Repeated disobedience or breaching the conditions of the ‘Bond of Good Behaviour’, cheating, disrespect and abuse of authority.
  19. Withholding the truth and lying under oath
  20. Being guilty of public law in a court or through the Social Welfare Department.
  21. Student(s) found upon and after enrolment to have fathered a child, to ‘Be with child or ‘Bourne’ a child
  22. Manufacturing and using of firearms and explosives and in possession of harmful weapons
  23. Intentionally causing serious bodily harm to oneself and others.
  24. Students with maximum suspension found returning to school whilst serving the suspension term.


The above rules once breached by students, should be reported to the school Principal. The Principal will call in these students for questioning and if enough evidence is substantiated and student(s) found beyond reasonable doubt that they are guilty, the student(s) should be sent out from the school immediately on first available cheapest transport on an indefinite suspension. Their case will be further deliberated by the school disciplinary committee and presented to the school Advisory Board for recommendation of expulsion.


  1. Smoking in the school and outside the school compound is forbidden at all times


  • 1st time caught – 4 hours plus verbal warning
  • 2nd time caught – 4 hours plus written warning
  • 3rd time caught – 2 weeks suspension plus final warning
  • 4th time caught – withdrawal of privilege and deregistered as student
  • Chewing of betel nut in the school and outside the school compound is forbidden at all times


  • 1st time caught – 4 hours plus verbal warning
  • 2nd time caught – 4 hours plus written warning
  • 3rd time caught – 2 weeks suspension plus final warning
  • 4th time caught – withdrawal of privilege and deregistered as student
  • Wrong use of mobile phones, Tablets, Ipads and laptops during official compulsory activities in the Classroom, Dining Hall, Assembly hall, Dormitory and Corridors except designated areas.
  • Students who accumulated 15 hours or more for punishment because of repeated offences.
  • Students found in possession of alcohol or seen purchasing alcohol.
  • Student’s defiance to school directives.
  • Students found in possession of alcohol or seen purchasing alcohol.
  • Students seen crossing the boys or girls boundaries
  • Students suspected of being drunk or seen drunk in the campus
  • Student caught with the intention of stealing.
  • Student fighting or initiating a fight.
  • Students being bluntly disrespectful to those in authority – insolence.
  • Students not doing assignments/tests/examination.
  • Students absent from dormitory check.
  • Students doing illegal wiring or removal electrical parts of building lights etc.
  • Students involving or organising gambling in the school or outside of the school.
  • Students entering restricted area such as power house/water pump/water tank/kitchen storage/cooking areas/staffroom/department rooms.
  • Students that are seen doing graffiti on the wall/post, desks/ceiling etc.
  • Students being blatantly disrespectful to others culture or tradition and religion.


The above rules are serious rules but require lesser disciplinary measures. Students when caught should be reported to the School Principal who instructs Deputy Principal to call the disciplinary committee to investigate and compile a report that would determine the best disciplinary action. Students who break these rules would be issued with internal or external suspensions terms between one to four weeks.


  1. Cooking after/during official ours or lights out
  2. Leaving dormitory after lights out
  3. Making unnecessary noise during study time or after lights out
  4. Going out of bound without a pass or proper uniform
  5. Being absent from compulsory activities
  6.  Being late to compulsory activities
  7. In possession of prescribed electrical appliances
  8. In possession of mobiles or mp4 players during class or prep times
  9. Not in full uniforms
  10. Being untidy
  11. Shower after lights out
  12. Wearing caps/scarfs/sunglasses during class/study/prayer/meal times
  13. Taking food out from the dining hall
  14. Students writing on the blackboard without permission
  15. Crossing school central lawn
  16. Swearing verbally or with use of sign language.


The above routine offences can be dealt with directly by staff and prefects. Own judgement should be used as to when or whether to give punishment of 2 hours maximum. Teachers should apply counselling before punishment.


Under normal condition all students must attend the following compulsory activities

  1. Classes
  2. Prep/study times
  3. Work Sessions
  4. Sport Sessions
  5. Meals
  6. School Assemblies
  7. Organised Entertainment
  8. Calling Home
  9. Religious programs
  10. Duty rosters

Students failing to attend the above must be reported to the deputy principal. Upon satisfactory evidences, the deputy principal can give appropriate punishment. Students regularly missing the above programs will be suspended from the school at the disciplinary committee’s recommendation.


  1. The school boundary is the Waimapuru stream to the west and the big drain by Riri village to the east. All students going outside the school boundary must seek permission from the duty teacher and must be in uniform.
  2. Between 5.30 PM – 6.00 PM school bounds include Beach areas, Plantations, Staff houses and School farm.
  3. The power house and its fenced premises are out of bound to all students.
  4. The staffroom, Administration room, Storage rooms, Department rooms and building under constructions are out of bound to all students.
  5. The girls’ dormitory and ablution block is out of bound to all boys.
  6. The boys’ dormitory and ablution block is out of bound to all girls.
  7. The water pump and the water tanks are out of bound to all students.
  8. Staff houses are out of bound to all students unless permission is sought from the Principal.
  9. No student are to be in teacher’s resident after 6.00 PM.
  10. Single teacher’s houses are out of bound to all students unless authorise by work master.
  11. School plantations and Farm are out of bound to all students at all times except when on duty.
  12. The School kitchen is out of bound to all students at all times except when on duty
  13. The Science Laboratories, Industrial Arts, Home Economics and Library building are only to be entered under supervision.
  14. The footpath leading out of the Form Six Science classroom down to the market house is out of bound to all male students after 6.00 PM.


  1. All dormitories to be clean and tidy at all times.
  2. Each day after breakfast, the rooms, ablution and dormitory areas must be cleaned by those put on roaster.
  3. All dormitories must be scrubbed once a month with all bedding put out for sun drying.
  4. All dormitories lawns and gardens must be cut clean and tidied during forthrightly dorm clean up.
  5. Dormitory rubbish must be out put in the bins provided and emptied regularly.
  6. No wet clothing must not be hanged inside the rooms.
  7. Dormitory furniture must not be removed and no extra furniture is to be taken into dormitories.
  8. Students must not enter other dormitories or rooms without permission from dorm prefects.
  9. Students must not move from their allocated room or dormitory.
  10. No pictures or posters are to be pasted on walls or cupboards.
  11. Students must not write on walls or on the floor.
  12. No outsiders or visitors are allowed in the dormitories at all times.
  13. No students may light any candles or kerosene lamps in the dormitories.
  14. All door access to each room must be clear at all times for dormitory inspections.
  15. Dormitories and ablutions must be inspected daily by duty teachers for cleanliness and hygiene required standards.
  16. It is the responsibility of all house members that:
  17. All taps are closed when not in use.
  18. Toilets paper issue is available for use in the toilets
  19. They cooperate to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in their dormitory and rooms.


  1. All students must have their wash and be in clean cloths when attending meals.
  2. All students must be in the dining hall on time.
  3. All meals must be eaten after the grace is said. Students are not to leave the dining hall before the last grace.
  4. All students must be seated on benches in the dining hall when eating.
  5. All students must have a plate, spoon and a cup.
  6. Dining dishes must not be used by students to serve their food.
  7. Food must be shared equally.
  8. No food is to be taken of the dining hall except for registered sick students. Only dorm prefects are allowed to take food out of the dining hall for sick students in their dormitory.
  9. Leftover food should be poured in the dishes provided and not on the floor.
  10. All kitchen utensils must not be removed from the dining hall at all times.
  11. All dormitories are responsible to wash and return their dishes to the kitchen.
  12. Dormitory members are responsible to put their benches on the table after each meal.
  13. The dining hall must be property swept after every meal.
  14. No caps, scarfs, hats, sunglasses, earphones, mobiles, mp4/5 players or ipods are to be used during meals.
  15. Dining hall and dining tables must be scrubbed clean every Saturday.


  1. From Monday to Friday, all students must be in proper uniform during school official hours except for work and sports sessions.
  2. Uniform must be worn at all times when students go on excursions, exit or weekend outing.
  3. Each student must have two pairs of school uniforms (2 shorts/skirts and 2 shirts)
  4. Uniform must be properly washed and cleaned at all times.
  5. Students must not damage or alter school uniforms.
  6. Uniforms must not worn during combined service.
  7. Students must not wear makeup or stylish cloths.
  8. Girls must not wear shorts, rugged clothing or sleeveless tops to dining and prep times.
  9. Boys must not wear cut jeans, rugged clothing or singlets tops to dining and prep times.
  10. Uniform must not be worn during sports or work session.
  11. School Laundry Day, Saturday 9 am – 11 am. SDA; Sunday 9 am – 11 am.


  1. Students taking out school equipment from stores (e.g. kitchen utensils, axe or garden tools) must sign for it and be sole responsible to return it.
  2. All equipment must be returned to the appropriate areas after use.
  3. Furniture and equipment is not to be moved from one room to another without permission of the staff concern.
  4. Pupils must not write or draw on blackboards without staff permission.
  5. School equipment must and furniture is not for hiring or loaned to public.
  6. All school equipment must be registered in the school equipment log book
  7. Each department must never be used for teacher’s own personal interest.


  1. School vehicles have G plates therefore only authorised and appointed officers are permitted to drive them
  2. School vehicles are for staff and students travelling therefore outsiders must be discouraged to use it.
  3. Members of the public using the school vehicles travel at their own risk therefore the school should not pay any compensation claim once they have accidents.
  4. All students and staff travelling must be properly seated before the vehicles takes off.
  5. All vehicles must not exceed their normal passenger capacity.
  6. Student must not board or disembark the vehicle when it is moving.
  7. Students are not allowed to drive the school vehicle.
  8. Vehicles drivers must always check that there is water in the radiator, oil in the engine, fuel in the tanks and all tires are okay before using the vehicle.
  9. All school vehicles must be properly serviced and passed for road worthiness.
  10. No passengers to hang their legs outside the rail when the truck is moving.
  11. School boats and engine is not for hiring.
  12. Only authorised officers are allowed to drive the school engine.
  13. All school vehicles must be parked at the school’s garage by 6.00 PM unless permission is sought from the transport manager or administration.


  1. Visitors may come to the school during the weekend, Saturday 1 PM – 5 PM, Sunday 10 AM – 5 PM. They may also come on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon 4 PM – 6 PM.
  2. Visitors are not allowed to go to the dormitories or classrooms.
  3. No visitors are to stay overnight with the students.
  4. Visitors may meet students at the Assembly hall, School lawns or Market house.
  5. Visitors must never visit the school when drunk or under liquor.


  1. All clubs, societies and revival groups must registered with the Principal
  2. Any organised meetings or excursions must have the Principal’s consent and approval
  3. Any meetings conducted must be carried out in an orderly manner and must not interfere with any school official program.
  4. All clubs, societies and revival groups must have a staff member responsible and answerable for the group.


  1. All sick students must report to the school matron/Nurse.
  2. Sick students who are unable to attend school activities must present a sick slip form signed by the Matron to the Deputy Principal.
  3. The Matron shall put up names of sick students on the sick board every day.
  4. Sick students can only go to Kirakira hospital on the Matron’s recommendation.
  5. Sick students coming back from Kirakira must present their medical history card to the teacher on duty for verifying.
  6. Sick students admitted at Kirakira hospital should be accompanied only by prefects.


  1. Day students must attend morning assemblies.
  2. All day students must participate in official school activities including one week session a week and sports.
  3. A day student who is absent from school or class must bring a note from his/her parents explaining the absence to the Deputy Principal.
  4. All day scholars are also confirmed to the school rules.


  1. Students are allowed only one weekend out per month (End of the month)
  2. Only students who have immediate family members within walking distance from the school are allowed to spend weekend out (Manita to the west/Rawo to the east)
  3. Weekend outing starts Friday after classes and ends Sunday 6pm. Students must return before 6pm for calling home.
  4. Students must sign out when they leave the school and must sign in when they arrive back at the school.
  5. Students must be in their uniform when they leave and when they return.
  6. Students who wish to accompany friends to their village must have their parent’s approval relayed to the Deputy Principal.


  1. No books may be removed from the library without it being properly issued.
  2. Reference books and magazines are never to leave the library.
  3. Only one book is allowed per student to borrow.
  4. Students who misplaced library books are not allowed to borrow books unless returned or a fine is paid.
  5. Students must take good care of the library books. Students found defacing books, tearing pages, writing on books will be fined and banned from using the library.
  6. Students must observe silence and order in the library at all times.
  7. Strictly no food or drinks are to be taken into the library.


  1. Computer lab is out of bound to all students unless under staff supervision.
  2. Internet surfing should be for educational and work related purposes only.
  3. Accessing adult/porn sites is strictly forbidden.
  4. No food or drinks should be taken into the internet cate.



  • 5:30am                                    Wake Up Drum
  • 6:00 – 6:30am             Breakfast
  • 7:00am                                    Morning duties
  • 7:30 – 10:10am           Academic Class Periods
  • 10:10 – 10:40am         Break
  • 10:40 – 1:20pm           Academic Class Periods
  • 1:40 – 2:20pm             Lunch
  • 2:30 – 3:30pm             Afternoon Prep
  • 3:30 – 5:00pm             Work Session/Sports Competition
  • 5:00 – 5:30pm             Shower Bell
  • 6:00 – 7:30pm             Dinner
  • 7:30 – 9:30pm             Night Prep
  • 9:30 – 10:00pm           Late Night Bell/Bed check
  • 10:30pm                      Lights Out
  • Fridays 7:30pm           Denominational Prayer Meetings


  • 5:30am                                    Wake Up Drum
  • 6:00 – 6:30am             Breakfast
  • 7:30 – 9:00am             Dormitory Clean Up, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Service
  • 9:00 – 10:00am           Laundry/Washing
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm           Lunch
  • 1:30 – 2:30pm             Club Meetings, Punishment
  • 2:30 – 5:30pm             Free Afternoon, Punishment
  • 5:30pm                        Calling Home
  • 6:00pm                        Shower Bell
  • 6:30 – 7:30pm             Dinner
  • 7:30 – 10:30pm           Entertainment
  • 10:30pm                      Late Night Bell/Bed check
  • 11:00pm                      Lights Out


  • 5:30am                                    Wake Up Drum
  • 6:00 – 6:30am             Breakfast
  • 8:00 – 10am                Denominational Prayer Meetings, SDA Work Session
  • 10:00 – 11:00am         Laundry/Washing
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm           Lunch
  • 1:00 – 2:00pm             Meetings, Scripture Union
  • 2:00 – 4:00pm             Free Afternoon
  • 4:00pm – 4.30pm        Calling Home
  • 4:30pm – 5:30pm        Shower Bell
  • 5:30pm -6.30pm          Denominational Prayer
  • 6:30 – 7:30pm             Dinner
  • 7:30 – 9:30pm             Night Prep
  • 10:00pm                      Late Night Bell/Bed check
  • 10:30pm                      Lights Out